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The beautiful art of Hajin Bae

When I look at her art I feel stories, so here I’ve arranged one of the ones I can see. A city on a rainy night, everyone is hurrying home with their umbrellas, some people are lonely, some people find someone to end that loneliness. (:dandelionfoxx:)



Look guys, I know the challenge is for a good cause but if you live in California please don’t do it! We’re in the middle of a serious drought and all the water that you use, counts! The water you use for the challenge including the ice, is contributing to this emergency level drought! If you really feel the need to do the challenge, change it so it won’t affect our water usage! Cram a shit ton of ice cream in your mouth if you have to but PLEASE stop doing the challenge if you live in California! Spread the word! Here are some links to educate yourself. A serious one:
A funny yet logical one:

This is a damn good point. If you live in California maybe wait till the drought is over before you do it.


Pedal Print!! I’ll have these at Sacanime!!

don't tag anyone in California in the ALS challenge 


UNLESS YOU KNOW that they can afford to donate the $100.

We are in the middle of a HUGE drought and water/energy bills are expected to spike in the next couple of months. If you’re still going to do it, stand over some plants that you would have watered anyway.


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